Thursday, 8 September 2016


Do you own up to your mistakes?
Maybe you accidentally broke your new clock. Or perhaps you accidentally pulled down the curtains or even ripped someone else's teddy?, You know what I mean. Maybe this has happened to you, but did you tell anyone?  Think back to a time you were dreading to tell someone what you did, but you too worried to let it out so you try to forget it and move on with your life. Then the teacher holds up a broken object and you shuffle into the background feeling all hot inside. We all make mistakes but we need to know how to fix them.

Picture this. You're at your friend's house making a hut with blankets and pillows, but wait, the chairs are in the lounge. Your friend repeats “I'll go get the chairs you wait here”. You start to fiddle around with one of  her  toys. It was a old black car with a pink frog inside. The frog was wearing a gold crown and it was very sparkly,with the gold glitter from the paint  shining in from the window. Your friend had told you it was her mum's and that she had it when she was little. You could tell by looking at it that it was well loved. You suddenly hear  your friend dragging the chair along the floor and without even realising it just slips right out of the palm of your hand, then you hear a bang. You look down, and there is the car tipped on its side. Your blood runs cold as a bit of plastic goes gliding along the shiny wood floor. You have no clue of what to do, yet there is a list of options right in front of you. But you choose to hesitantly hide it under a pile of toys that you happen to see next to you. Then you see your friend dragging 3 chairs into the room. Luckily she doesn't notice it is gone and you both carry on. But you're still hiding the guilt.

Or maybe you're at your grandparents house and you're watching telly  but you've watched the same episode like 1,000 times   you're  getting bored and hungry. So you go grab yourself a biscuit and you think maybe I should pretend I'm in a movie theatre.  And I could watch a cool movie and close all the curtains. And turn all the lights off.
And grandpa might let me make some popcorn and drink a fizzy drink.  I'll first turn off the lights and then you instantly decide to pull the curtains close. So you grab the curtain and tug. But it just won't budge so you tug even harder. But it still won't move so you tug more, but the suddenly the railing falls on the carpet while it bounces making a vibrating sound . You look down at the curtains that were spread out among the floor. You realise you're in trouble.  So you get your pencils and paper and start to draw in your room. Somewhere other than the lounge. And you have that guilty feeling again.

Or maybe you were even at your own house and you accidently cracked your mum's special cat statue that was made of air dry  clay. Your mind repeats several times  “what do I do?” But you decide you will glue it back together, so grab the super glue and squirt a whole lot right in between where it had split. You push as hard as you can not knowing it would make it worse. But before a noticed it just broke right in half. Your mind is now screaming for help. You really can't handle the pain. Before your head just about explodes, you squirt  another lot of super glue on one half of the clay cat. And you push it carefully together this time it did stick together you're hoping it will set quickly so that no one will find out, but knowing the guilt is still glued inside.

We should all own up to our mistakes because then there will be less arguments, less crying and more honesty in the world. This will make it a better safer place for everyone. And it is better to tell someone the mistake you made because then you're not clinging onto guilt. 
Next  time you make a mistake what are you going to do? Are you going to hide it? Keep it a secret? Or own up to what you did?




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