Thursday, 7 July 2016


Excitement turns down when you feel different. You're on your way to your new school you give your mum & dad a hug goodbye. As you're waving at the front window of the car, you notice people are pointing, then turn away to their friends and start to snigger. You’re thinking is it my hair? Is it my clothes? You hear a slight movement, and as you turn you see a girl shuffle to a girl's ear. You gulp. Hundreds of eyes follow your every step. You wish you could go home.

New Zealand has a hidden problem. Most immigrants don't feel welcome in NZ. 
One in ten people feel like they are being treated unfairly. Most  of them feel like they are being judged. The most common way to feel unwelcome is based on their skin, their race, ethnicity even their gender. People that experienced moving to Christchurch sometimes  felt judged. 
we could change that. 

There are many  ways to make immigrants feel welcome. Firstly you could ask for their name. This will make them feel welcome. Another thing you could do is ask if they would like to join you for lunch or morning tea. In addition to this you could next ask what they like to do. Furthermore you could perhaps organise a play at your house. This has an effect on the way people think about others. If everyone starts to do this, we will make the world a safer place.

There are ways to make immigrants feel welcome, and there are ways to do the opposite. Hate is not a word to be put on people. Hate is a word that destroys friendships. It breaks people apart, like that time you went to school and children glare and chuckle you felt like there were four walls built around you. Hate brings tears to your eyes. No one evens asks your name. Children glare at your sad face. Is this really how the world is supposed to be?

This term our class has been learning about prejudice and to find people that have immigrated from a different country to Christchurch. The whole class had to get in touch with someone that moved here. We got a lot of information about how they felt when they moved to chch they gave us some advice for new people that immigrate here. They said we need to try harder to include them more often so they feel more like they belong. To do this you could always let them join in your conversation, smile say hello. This is a good picture of being kind and included. There is a lot more you could do. For example you could also offer if they would like to come to lunch with you. This means that you will make others happy and it leaves you as a generous person. This will make the world a better life  for everyone  because the more we do this it will make the world a better place.

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