Thursday, 14 April 2016

Artwork poem

I feel weird, goose bumps surround my body.
The smell of hay is a tsunami surrounding the barn. 
The rhino is a rock, eating hay stiffly.
I look around, nobody notices me staring.

I stare at one girl,
the girl with a black mask.
I inspect the mask.

Deafening silence tortures me.
My eyes riveted to the one girl 
with the black mask.
The slight breeze brushes against my ear.

I wonder what is outside of this barn?
What is a rhino doing there?
Where am I?


During literacy I have been learning to make a poem from a piece of art. It is a bit hard for me because I have never done it before but I still like some of my ideas, for example "the smell of hay is a tsunami surrounding the barn." I really enjoy doing this because I think it is fun describing what I would feel like in a painting. At the same time it does actually feel like I'm in a painting.
I always have wonderings in my head when I look at paintings but I never work them out.
I think my poem is relational  because I have a lot of similes and metaphors and that is what we needed to have in our poem.

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