Thursday, 29 October 2015


My cousin had come over to have a sleepover, avoiding the fact she had to sleep with my sibling Lidia (well stepsister). "Stella," I called "Stella, you don't want want to sleep with Lidia, don't you?”
“Yes I do.” she replied guiltily. “No you don't, just say no.” I started tightening my hands
and stomping off to Lidia. “Lidia,” I shouted, “Stella doesn't want to sleep with you and you know!”
“You are 6 she's ten…” I took a deep breath, walked of stiffly to Mum and put my best puppy dog eyes on. “Can Stella please sleep in my room please, please, please? With a cherry on top?”
“No!” snapped  mum. “Lidia never gets to sleep with Stella.”
“Ohh what that's not fair, it's not even fair for Stella” I groan.
Mum stared into her wardrobe and sighed. ‘It's not fair if Lydia doesn't get a turn as well mum I'll go speak to Lidia!”
“No.  I will because you will shout at her I know it.”
“I knew I shouldn't of told mum I could of just dealt with it myself it's just not fair even though she doesn't get to sleep with us she always plays with us.”
"Well she has to."
This is not going to end well, I thought to myself. I could already hear Lidia's instant whisper-like voice speaking to my mum. I was definitely in trouble.

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