Thursday, 29 October 2015

arts reflections

This term we have been learning about the arts and how to participate in a performance
that involves cultural connections between us and the audience.

I think our performance went well yesterday because we had improved on our voices quite a bit even if you still couldn't quite hear us. We had to practise on how to make our voices louder so that we weren't quite in the performance. Otherwise the audience would get bored and would not want to watch.

All of these connections would have the same meaning. For example the emotions. All the plays have different emotions and if you did not act like the emotion it would look boring. The highlight of the day for me was probably the flashmob because it shows that we are all doing it together and showing we have done hard work (kotahitanga).

We involved the audience by using eye contact, like when someone in a play says something like "whatever" they would say that in a glum voice and turn to the audience while saying that. All we really did was make them feel like they were in the show as well as us by using the connections. This helped the audience understand what the show was about. These connections made me feel confident  because I  knew the connections would help the audience connect  with us.

We showed manaakitia by caring, for example if someone had forgotten their line in the script they would whisper that line to you or even say it for you. Caring is probably one of the best things so that people feel joy and good about themselves.
Here's a link for our performance

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