Monday, 20 July 2015

Science reflection

Our class has been learning about waterways and how to be a science waterway report . Our jobs were to collect evidence, test the water ways and see if they were healthy or unhealthy. We found  evidence by  checking the things that were bad or good in the river like : the stream flow, the temperature, how much sediment there was, how much algae there was, how many stones, how many trees were there to keep the water cool and how much of the bank was eroding.

for example if you do not have enough shade the invertebrates would probably die of warmth.

And if there was just sediment and not many stones rocks and pebbles they invertebrates would

have a dirty home and not many rocks to hide away from predators. And the algae  is also bad because it has lots of poo and bad stuff that can hurt the river's health the eroding is really bad

Bad because it means more sediment in the river 

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  1. Wow Lily I think you know more about waterways than I do! Well done!!