Sunday, 29 March 2015



There I was walking up muddy mountains as dirt crumbled like millions of tiny boulders. My mind swirled like a tornado. I  thought of the hideous axidents in my brain. My chest puffed louder than usual. Why wouldn't the steepness 

  get smaller. Piwakawakas landed on the trees beside us  curious of what was happening. Don't worry, I said to myself,. If I can get down the other hills I can get down this one, one step two steps. I didn't notice myself griping  onto a tree. I found my self slowly pulling my hands tighter and tighter  onto the Barkly branch of the leafy tree I slowly let go of the tree and held on to the roots below me. My shoes started to slide like the time my friend Bethany pushed me down the slide and I couldn't help myself from falling. I shook my head. How could I forget  I was still drifting down the muddy slope. I   And I was nearly at the bottom. I felt like I could count down 5 4 3 2 1 and I was at the bottom 

I wanted to shout out something extremely enbarisinglike ,I'm down I did it, but once again it would be enbarising  


  1. I like your story Lilly
    I wish you good luck with the rest of your story's

  2. Wow lily that was a amazing story about camp.The part where you said my mind swirled like a tornado it built a picture in my mind.well done lily wish you good luck on the rest of your stories and poems.

  3. Good job Lilly. Your story is great. I like the part when you said my mind swirled like a tornado. It brought good attention to your story. I had to keep reading. Good good from 😋Amy😋